July 13, 2024

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Mortuary workers in Ghana to go strike.

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Mortuary workers in Ghana are planning to go on strike starting November 29, 2023. The Mortuary Workers Association of Ghana (MOWAG) announced the indefinite strike due to unresolved grievances, as conveyed in a statement dated November 20, 2023. General Secretary Richard Jordan signed the statement, expressing disappointment in the lack of progress in addressing workers’ concerns.

The decision to strike is a result of frustration over the failure to resolve issues raised by the workers. Despite attempts at discussions, the association asserts that the strike will persist until all outstanding matters within the authorities’ domain are appropriately addressed.

In their official communication, the association has formally notified key government figures and agencies, including the Minister of Health, Minister of National Security, Minister of Finance, Chief Executive of Fair Wages and Salaries Commission (FWSC), and the Executive Director of the National Labour Commission. The notice, dated November 20, 2023, clearly states the workers’ position: a collective cessation of work starting on Wednesday, November 29, 2023.

The strike, if implemented, will have significant implications on mortuary services across Ghana. With mortuary workers united in their decision to lay down tools, there is a potential disruption to essential services, highlighting the urgency for a swift resolution to the workers’ grievances. The association’s stance underscores the gravity of the situation and the need for prompt attention to the concerns raised.

The Mortuary Workers Association of Ghana’s statement serves as a call for action, urging the relevant authorities to address the issues promptly. As the November 29 deadline approaches, there is a heightened sense of urgency for a resolution to avert the disruption of mortuary services and to ensure the fair treatment of the workers involved.

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