July 19, 2024

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Ghana music has not lost it’s sound – Samini

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Ghanaian Reggae and Dancehall artist, Samini, strongly disagrees with the notion that Ghana has lost its musical identity. In a recent interview on Property FM, he emphasized that he has consistently created “Samini music” for the past two decades, maintaining his distinctive sound. Samini believes there is a consistent thread running through his musical style, evident when comparing his current songs to classics like “Where My Baby Dey.” According to him, the essence of his musical identity has remained intact over the years.

Taking a trip down memory lane, Samini highlighted his classic track “Where My Baby Dey” as a reference point for the enduring quality of his artistry. He expressed confidence that his musical contributions have maintained a consistent identity, contributing to the rich tapestry of Ghanaian music. Despite the evolution of the music scene, Samini firmly stands by the belief that Ghana has not lost its sound. He encourages listeners to compare his past and present work, asserting that they would recognize the continuity in his unique musical style.

In essence, Samini’s perspective revolves around his unwavering belief in the enduring nature of his musical contributions to Ghana. He sees his artistry as a vital thread in the fabric of Ghanaian music, dismissing the notion that the country has lost its musical sound. Through his decades-long career, Samini remains committed to creating music that reflects his distinct style and contributes to the musical legacy of Ghana.

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