June 16, 2024

The Eye Of Africa

Mahama’s 24 hour economy plan is better than free SHS – Rex Omar

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Ghanaian musician Rex Omar supports John Mahama’s 24-hour economy plan, stating it is better structured than the NPP’s Free SHS policy. He explains that the 24-hour economy won’t bring immediate change but a gradual one for Ghana’s benefit.

Omar compares the 24-hour policy to Free SHS, believing the former will unfold gradually, unlike the quick, all-encompassing nature of the latter. He stresses the importance of understanding this difference.

Rex Omar assures that the 24-hour economy plan won’t be hastily implemented. He mentions a committee in place to carefully handle and execute the policy, ensuring each step aligns with the country’s progress.

The musician emphasizes focusing on the idea behind the 24-hour economy and how it will be implemented gradually, addressing specific aspects thoughtfully for the country’s overall benefit.

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