June 16, 2024

The Eye Of Africa

Lists of allegations leveled against Late T.B Joshua before BBC 2023 documentary

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After the BBC revealed some of the things allege ti have been done by the late man of God, we want to bring to your notice some issues raised against Prophet T.B Joshua even before his demise.


Check below the list:

– 2019, woman revealed TB Joshua trapped her in his church for 14 years, molested & raped, she wrote a book
– 2021, independent investigation shows TB Joshua does occultism at his church, revealed by back room staff
– 2016, Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca revealed a shell company created by TB Joshua to launder money & to evade tax
– 2014, Cameroonian govt bans TB Joshua, describes him as “the devil in the house” & “son of the devil”
– 2020, TB Joshua exposed for sham miracles. All resurrections & healings exposed as orchestrated drama, actors paid
– 2014, TB Joshua’s hostel collapse kills 115 foreigners, preacher said it was a spiritual aircraft while it was just a drone
– 2002, British woman Rae raped multiply at church by TB Joshua, she nearly committed suicide
– Fake miracles, drugs given to enhance conditions, fake HIV/Aids report, many died after supposed healing
– Namibian woman raped by TB Joshua at age 17; five abortions forced on her at the church secretly
– TB Joshua threatened victims of his rape, abuse, abortions, torture with spiritual sickness and attacks
– Disciples beaten naked, denied food & sleep, physically assaulted, shot at by TB Joshua for disobedience

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