July 19, 2024

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T.B Joshua save me from Doctors amputating me – Man confesses

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Amidst the rumors of fake miracles performed by the late Prophet T.B Joshua, an X user has come out to narrate his experience with the late man of God.

After the BBC’s documentary on the late T.B Joshua, several reviews on social media has generated other conversations about his church. People are speaking for and against the documentary citing his demise as the main basis of not valuing the confessions made.

One young man has taken to X to narrate how he received healing when he visited the church of All Nations.

In 2009, I faced a daunting diagnosis of chronic osteomyelitis, with the possibility of losing my thigh to amputation. Desperate for a solution, I visited the Synagogue Church of All Nations and sought healing from the late Prophet T.B Joshua. Contrary to claims of fake miracles, my firsthand experience was transformative. Not only did I find spiritual support, but I witnessed the philanthropic side of Joshua, who played a vital role in providing scholarships and education to many. Thanks to his spiritual intervention, my dire medical situation took a positive turn, and I am grateful for the impact he had on my life. I respect this man
Please Let’s allow the dead rest in peace“


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