July 19, 2024

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My wife said she wasn’t the marriage type but I didn’t listen – Emeka Ike

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The actor, who has been out of the movie scene for some time now, has spoken about the abuse he had to suffer at the hands of his wife, whom he was labouring for.

He says his wife, whom he could go to all extents, was point blank about not being the marriage type even though they were married.

“She told me one day that she’s not the marriage type. I didn’t understand it. So young men need to know that plenty of ladies are not the marriage type lately, and they are the ones that get you and me first. The good ones don’t show the signs that you want to see too. These ladies show you everything you want to see and when you get into it that’s a lock.

It was depressing to find out that the person you’re confiding in knows that men were coming into your house and was speaking to them and arranging, and the resolution was, after it all, to blackmail him,” he said.

He continued, “I’m sorry for the young men who are not married. The narrative out there is that it’s all about the money, and when they come, they don’t like you for nothing. You are just a blackmail issue, and you must be popular; you must be rich”.

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