May 24, 2024

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I Wrote Yaa Jackson’s ‘Ehwe papa’ But I Don’t Brag About It – Keche Andrew

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Keche Andrew, whose real name is Andrew Kofi Cudjoe, recently revealed in an interview with Property FM that he has been discreetly involved in composing songs for various artists, despite not openly discussing his contributions. During the interview, he specifically mentioned his role in creating Yaa Jackson’s ‘Ehwe Papa’ song.

According to Andrew, he, along with Fameye, wrote the song from start to finish for Yaa Jackson. However, he emphasized that he refrains from boasting about his achievements and only spoke about it on this occasion because Yaa Jackson herself publicly acknowledged his involvement.

In his conversation with Amansan Krakye, the presenter, Keche Andrew explained that he prefers not to claim glory for his songwriting endeavors.

He shared that Yaa Jackson has been vocal about his contribution in various media appearances, expressing her gratitude. Despite his significant role in the creative process, Andrew has chosen not to publicize his involvement, maintaining a humble approach to his work. This reflects his belief that the artists he collaborates with should be the ones to discuss and acknowledge his contributions.

Moreover, Keche Andrew expanded on his general approach to songwriting, mentioning that he has penned songs for multiple artists without seeking public recognition.

He highlighted that his focus is on the artistry and collaboration itself, rather than seeking personal acclaim. Andrew pointed out that some artists he has worked with choose to talk about his contributions themselves when they are in the public eye, allowing the creative process to be acknowledged by those directly involved. Overall, Keche Andrew’s stance on humility and letting the music speak for itself shines through in his discreet approach to his behind-the-scenes contributions in the music industry.

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