April 18, 2024

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Shatta wale ordered by court to pay $120,000 for boycotting Wildaland.

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Dancehall artist Shatta Wale has been ordered by a court to compensate Maverick City Entertainment, the organizers of the Wildaland Festival, with a sum of $120,000.

This legal decision stems from Shatta Wale’s failure to fulfill his commitment to perform at the Wildaland Festival in 2021, despite having received the entire payment of $120,000 in advance.

In addition to the principal amount, Shatta Wale is now obligated to pay interest on the $120,000 from December 14, 2021, until the date of the final payment.

The interest rate has been set at 5.5%, further adding to the financial consequences resulting from the artist’s non-performance.

The Wildaland Festival, held at the scenic Shai Hills, suffered from Shatta Wale’s absence, prompting legal action by Maverick City Entertainment to seek compensation for the financial losses incurred due to the artist’s breach of contract.

  • Shatta Wale himself had acknowledged the receipt of the full payment in advance, making his non-participation in the festival a clear violation of the agreed terms.

This court ruling underscores the importance of contractual obligations in the entertainment industry, emphasizing the legal consequences that artists may face when failing to deliver on commitments made to event organizers.

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