July 13, 2024

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Stop Trolling Stonebwoy- Bella Mundi

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Berla Mundi, a prominent Ghanaian Media Personality, has taken a stand against the trolling of Stonebwoy on Twitter following his exclusion from the 2024 Grammy Awards nominations.

Stonebwoy had submitted his “5TH DIMENSION ALBUM” for consideration, hoping to secure a spot among the nominees and potential awardees. However, the artist’s absence from the list sparked a wave of online mockery, with Twitter users engaging in what is colloquially known as “cooking.”

In response to the online negativity, Berla Mundi used her Twitter platform to call for an end to the trolling directed at Stonebwoy. She emphasized the importance of recognizing and celebrating the artist’s dedication and hard work in promoting his craft.

Bella Mundi’s plea encourages a more positive and supportive approach, suggesting that success in the music industry is a journey that requires time and persistent effort.

Highlighting Stonebwoy’s continuous efforts to establish his brand globally, Berla Mundi urged fans and followers to appreciate the strides he has made rather than focusing on the temporary setback of missing out on Grammy nominations.

She draws a parallel with Nigerian artists who have successfully gained international recognition, emphasizing the solidarity of their fan base. By doing so, Berla Mundi advocates for a cultural shift in how fans engage with and support their artists, fostering an environment that promotes encouragement over criticism.

Ultimately, Berla Mundi’s message serves as a call to action, encouraging a more positive and constructive dialogue within the music community. Her words echo the sentiment that artists, like Stonebwoy, should be celebrated for their contributions to the industry, motivating others to strive for global recognition.

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