July 13, 2024

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Ghana will switch to 5G very soon – NCA

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Ghana is gearing up to switch to a faster and more advanced network called 5G, as announced by the National Communications Authority (NCA). The NCA’s Director General, Joe Anokye, shared that all the necessary preparations have been made for Ghana to make the move to 5G. Anokye emphasized that the specific radio frequencies needed for 5G, known as the spectrum, are already available.

Speaking at the 12th R. P. Baffour Memorial lectures held at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), Anokye mentioned that the official announcement about transitioning to 5G is expected in 2024. He explained that certain policy decisions are being discussed to ensure fair access to the 5G spectrum. The aim is to avoid a situation where only one company dominates the 5G capabilities, considering the complexities of the market.

Anokye highlighted that the motivation behind this move is to help telecommunication service providers expand their services to rural areas. Additionally, it aligns with the government’s broader agenda of digitalizing various aspects of public services. By implementing 5G, the authorities aim to enhance connectivity and bring the benefits of advanced technology to more areas across the country.

In summary, Ghana is on the verge of entering the 5G era, with plans well underway and the necessary infrastructure in place. The transition is expected to be officially announced in 2024, with a focus on ensuring fair access to 5G capabilities and extending digital services to underserved regions, contributing to the country’s overall digitalization goals.

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