June 16, 2024

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Yahoo boy k!lled for sitting on his friend’s money

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Yahoo boy k!lled for sitting on his friend’s money

Akwasi Budo, a yahoo boy in Kumasi has passed away in a sad way in the hands of some unknown assailants

Kumasi Game Boy Akwasi Budo K!lled For Sitting On People’s ‘Block’ Money, His Eyes Rem0ved

Popular Kumasi game boy, Akwasi Budo has been eliminated from the world by unknown assailant.

He was found lifeless in his room at Kronum-Afrancho without his eyes and with many fresh wounds on his body

It’s believed Akwasi Budo was tortured by his assailants who tied him with an electrical cable before he eventually gave up to ghosts.

Talks on the streets suggests, he is was into internet fraud thus making him a Game boy or Yahoo boy.

He allegedly ‘sat’ on his colleagues money when the money from their scheme landed in his account.

Many believe those whose money he ‘sat’ on are behind his demise.

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