April 15, 2024

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No mineral rights will be granted in Kakum National Park – Minerals Commission Ghana

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The Minerals Commission of Ghana has unequivocally denied High Street Ghana Limited’s request for a mining license within the environmentally sensitive Kakum National Park. Civil society organizations (CSOs) strongly opposed the mining company’s bid, citing concerns about potential extensive forest destruction.

In an official statement, the Commission assured the public that no mineral rights for prospecting or mining would be granted in Kakum National Park, dismissing any contradictory reports.

The Commission clarified that the mining proposal was firmly rejected, emphasizing that it cannot occur, as the application from High Street Ghana Limited was not only dismissed but promptly removed from the online mining cadastre.

This decisive action leaves no room for reconsideration or further processing. The Commission’s resolute decision comes after facing significant opposition from various Ghanaian CSOs, representing diverse environmental and community interests. These organizations vehemently objected to what they perceived as High Street Ghana Limited’s blatant attempt to conduct mining activities within the boundaries of Kakum National Park.

High Street Ghana Limited’s application was part of a group of 14 submissions to the Minerals Commission from different firms seeking approval for mining in forest reserves across the nation.

At a recent stakeholder engagement focused on the newly introduced Regulation on Mining in Ghana’s Forest Reserves (LI 2462) in 2022, Mustapha Seidu, the Director of Nature and Development Foundation, cautioned against potential ecological impacts, further underscoring the gravity of the situation.

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