June 16, 2024

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Tosintellem releases new EP “The Otunba of Lagos

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Tosintellem becomes “The Otunba of Lagos” in new EP



Tosintellem’s highly anticipated EP, “The Otunba of Lagos,” has officially been unveiled, featuring seven tracks that showcase the Afro melody act’s artistic evolution. Skillfully blending the vibrant rhythms of Afrobeats with global influences, this EP creates a mesmerizing sonic tapestry, inviting listeners into a world of rhythmic enchantment.

At the core of this musical journey are standout tracks like “Move” and “Mercedes,” where Tosintellem’s ability to craft infectious melodies and rhythms takes center stage. These songs not only mark their territory on the musical landscape but also highlight Tosintellem’s adept navigation of Afrobeats intricacies, infused with a contemporary flair that defines his unique sound.

However, the allure of “The Otunba of Lagos” extends beyond individual hits. The EP features a captivating collaboration with Alelia on the focus track, “Special.” This collaboration adds an extra layer of dynamism to the project, showcasing the synergy between Tosintellem’s distinctive style and the collaborative spirit that defines the EP.

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What truly sets “The Otunba of Lagos” apart is Tosintellem’s mastery of the Afrobeats genre. Going beyond a singular sonic identity, the EP demonstrates his seamless fusion of traditional elements with contemporary sounds. Each track unfolds as a testament to his musical prowess, exploring the rhythmic possibilities born from the intersection of heritage and innovation.

This EP invites listeners to embark on a sonic journey that transcends geographical borders. “The Otunba of Lagos” promises a rhythmic adventure, resonating with both the familiar and the novel. More than a collection of songs, Tosintellem’s latest project is an invitation to move, feel, and connect with the pulsating heartbeat of Afrobeats.


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