May 24, 2024

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Cherry Addei donates to NyameDua Children’s Home

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CEO of Cherry Brenchez Company Limited has made generous donation to NyameDua Children’s Home a gesture that showcases her generosity.

Her donation to the orphanage home , which included food supplies for babies and personal care items and many others ,is her way of giving back to the society.

This act of kindness demonstrates Addei’s compassion and commitment to making a significant impact on the lives of those less fortunate.

Cherry Addei’s decision to donate to NyameDua Children’s Home showcases a deep understanding of the challenges faced by orphaned and vulnerable children in Ghana. These children often lack access to basic necessities such as shelter, education, and healthcare.

NyameDua Children’s Home is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing shelter and support to orphaned and vulnerable children in Ghana.

Representative who received the donation on behalf of Nyamedua Orphanage expressed their gratitude for the donation and the visit.


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