May 24, 2024

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‘Stop showing por.n on your TV stations ‘. NMC warns

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In a warning issued on Thursday, November 16, the National Media Commission (NMC) stressed the serious consequences for TV stations failing to address public concerns about inappropriate programming. The complaints, centered on content allegedly conflicting with Ghanaian cultural norms and media ethics, targeted multiple stations, including X TV, Asomdwie TV, Funny TV, Advice TV, Big TV, Passion TV, Nkabom TV, Seekers TV, Elephant TV, Adwenpa TV, Eagle TV, Best TV, Energy TV, Diamond TV, and Asomafo TV.

The NMC, in collaboration with the National Communications Authority (NCA), issued a cease and desist notice to the listed stations, emphasizing potential severe consequences if they failed to comply. This joint effort aimed to rectify deficiencies in broadcast material and maintain cultural sensitivity and ethical standards.

A total of 318 occurrences were reported by the public, leading to the warning. The reported instances covered a range of issues, with 224 related to money-doubling, 83 involving money rituals, 24 concerning fake lotteries, 18 tied to occult practices, and 13 associated with explicit content. Other accusations included attempts to defraud individuals of money and false loan scams.

The NMC’s conclusion highlighted the thorough examination of reported occurrences and the collaborative efforts of the NMC and NCA to uphold the integrity of broadcast content. The warning served as a directive for implicated TV stations to rectify their programming or face severe consequences.

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