May 19, 2024

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How strongman and Kweku Smoke beef started

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How strongman and Kweku Smoke beef started

Rappers Stongman and Kweku Smoke have rekindle their lyrical war in what people see as the next interesting clash before the year ends.

Looking back on what brought about the feud, one could tell that Kweku Smoke applauded Sarkodie’s attitude for keeping on supporting Strongman despite all the negative comments Ghanaians were making about him concerning Strongman. After Strongman left Sarkcess music, a lot of people were blaming Sarkodie for not grooming Strongman to the level they wanted.

Below is the first tweet that generated the conversation as Strongman didn’t take it easy with Kweku Smoke at all.

Kweku Smoke then set the ball rolling when he jabbed Strongman on Oseikrom Sikanii’ “Twatis” – 3torda merapi local tes3 strongman, hw3 na wanf))le amma no w)y3 poor man,ne3 )b3hubia )p3 😂

Strongman replied him “ Nyame ngyimii tes3 Kweku Smoke “ on Mr Drew’s case to settle the score but little dud know that Kwaku Smoke was ready for it.

Kweku Smoke came again to reply on kojo Cue’s 32. He said: “ nyame ngyimii tes3 Kweku smoke 3y3 ampa nyame nny3 wo ni ne wo se ntia )k) tenaa sark nky3n nso n’ani annte”

Strongman didn’t waste time as he also replied Kweku Smoke with the same beat he used on Kojo Cue’s EP titled 32.

The ball is set and we might witness something hard before the year ends.

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