June 16, 2024

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Slay queen in hot soup as Juju she used on her man didn’t work due to his mother’s prayers

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During a podcast, an unidentified lady candidly admitted to practicing black magic and possessing spiritual capabilities to influence the lives of those who have wronged her.

She recounted an incident where she sought to cast a spell on a young man who had incurred her displeasure.

As the lady delved into the details of her attempt to spiritually harm the young man, she revealed an unexpected twist.

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Just two seconds into the ritual, she claimed to have experienced an otherworldly intervention.

A spirit reportedly whispered into her ears, warning her against proceeding with the spell.
This unforeseen occurrence caught her off guard, leading her to reconsider her actions.

I tried using juju on a certain guy but his mother's prayers saved him - Slayqueen confesses

In a surprising turn of events, the podcast confession took a twist when the young lady disclosed that, at the same moment she hesitated to cast the spell, she heard the young man’s mother fervently praying for him.

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This revelation suggests a potential divine intervention, raising questions about the interconnectedness of spirituality and the unseen forces at play.

Below are some of the reactions from social media users who have come across the lady’s shocking confession…


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