April 15, 2024

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KSTU denies celebrating students for making coal pots .

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The head of the Automotive and Agricultural Mechanization Engineering Department at Kumasi Technical University (KsTU), has responded to the news surrounding three first-year students from his department who gained recognition for molding coal pots as part of an academic project.

In an interview, the lecturer clarified that the decision to publicize the students’ work was intended to inspire and encourage them in their academic journey. While many people reacted to the video, the focus was not only on the students’ achievement but also on the comments made by the lecturer.

In his statements, the head of the department expressed a nuanced perspective. He acknowledged the students’ accomplishment, stating, “This is something they have done, and we have to be proud of them, but this is not an achievement.” This suggests a balance between recognizing the effort and urging for higher academic standards. He emphasized the importance of starting somewhere as a country and progressing towards greater accomplishments.

  • Despite the acknowledgment of the students’ work, there is an underlying concern expressed by the head of the department. He admitted to being bothered by the circulating news, indicating a level of unease about how the public perceives the students’ project. However, he concluded on a hopeful note, stating, “

This blend of concern and optimism suggests a resilience and determination to navigate challenges in the academic journey

In essence, the response from the head of the Automotive and Agricultural Mechanization Engineering Department reflects a nuanced perspective, balancing pride in the students’ efforts with a call for higher academic aspirations. The acknowledgment of worry about public perception coupled with a hopeful outlook demonstrates a commitment to overcoming challenges and advancing in academic endeavors.

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