May 19, 2024

The Eye Of Africa

Ghana must invest in art – Prof Ablade Glover

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Renowned artist Prof Ablade Glover is worried about how Ghana’s schools focus more on things like medicine and engineering than on art. He says not many famous artists are known in Ghana, unlike doctors or engineers. Because of this, parents usually tell their kids not to pursue art, and many art graduates end up working in jobs like banking instead.

Prof Glover really thinks it’s time for Ghana to invest more in art because it can bring in a lot of money. He says the government should help, and there should be more places like galleries to show off artists’ work. He believes that if artists get more chances and people notice them, they can do well on their own, making the art scene in the country really exciting. This, he says, will encourage more young artists to follow their dreams instead of giving up and taking unrelated jobs.

But here’s the problem: right now, many talented artists struggle to sell their work because they don’t get enough support or attention. Prof Glover talked about this in an interview on Joy FM’s Personality Profile during the Drive Time On Joy. He thinks fixing these challenges is crucial for the future success of art in Ghana.

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