July 13, 2024

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Cease compelling individuals to appear on your program- NMC to Oyerapa Afutuo

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The National Media Commission (NMC) has instructed a media house to cease compelling individuals to appear on their social issues program, Oyerepa Afutuo, following a complaint by Daniel Gyapanin.

He, representing Denkyira Agona Kwadwom Abusua of Jukwa Family, objected to an episode where unguided and derogatory comments were made about him regarding a mortuary case.

The NMC, in a settlement committee meeting, determined that Oyerepa made an error as participants assumed the role of judges in a family matter.

The commission directed that consent must be obtained from all involved parties before broadcasting a program on Oyerepa, and if a party declines, the program should halt immediately.

Despite recognizing the program’s entertainment value and its role in issue resolution, the NMC stressed the importance of providing fair hearing to all parties.

It emphasized that parties are not legally obligated to submit to the host, urging the station to avoid intimidation, threats, or disregard for due process when parties decline participation.

The NMC’s statement serves as a reminder for media outlets to adhere to basic rules and standards, ensuring ethical and respectful treatment of all subjects discussed on their platforms.

The directive emphasizes the significance of upholding the principles of fair hearing and discourages the station from making conclusions or judgments when parties choose not to participate, urging a commitment to the rule of law in media practices.

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