June 16, 2024

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Amapiano is just azonto rebranded – Samini

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Samini, the Ghanaian dancehall artiste, recently shared his thoughts on the popular South African music genre Amapiano. According to him, Amapiano is essentially a rebranded version of Ghana’s iconic Azonto. He believes that Amapiano heavily borrows from the composing elements of Azonto, which gained widespread popularity across various countries during its heyday.

While acknowledging that Amapiano originated in South Africa as a subgenre of house music in the mid-2010s, Samini insists that the similarities between the two genres are too prominent to ignore. He mentions that if you do Azonto and add one or two things to it, someone might say it’s Amapiano. However, he clarifies that Amapiano will always be connected to South Africa, while Ghana music remains distinctively Ghanaian.

It’s fascinating to see how different music genres can influence and inspire each other. Samini’s perspective sheds light on the interconnectedness of music across cultures. Despite the parallels, he emphasizes the uniqueness of Ghanaian music and its enduring impact on the global music scene.

Samini’s statement highlights the cultural exchange and cross-pollination that occurs in the world of music. It’s a testament to the power of music to transcend boundaries and bring people together. The influence of Azonto on Amapiano showcases the rich musical heritage of Ghana and its contribution to the global music landscape.

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