June 15, 2024

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Biqskil recruits Screwface on new joint “Stay”

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Biqskil, the exceptionally talented Afrobeat and Hip-Hop artist hailing from Ghana and currently based in the USA, has recently unleashed a musical gem titled “Stay.” Formerly recognized as Abskil, Biqskil has crafted a notable portfolio boasting eight official releases, showcasing his evolution as a formidable force in the music scene.

This latest release, “Stay,” is a testament to Biqskil’s artistic growth, featuring a collaboration with the iconic Ghanaian singer, Skrewfaze. The fusion of their distinct styles adds a unique flavor to the track, creating a sonic experience that captivates from the first note.

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“Stay” is not just a song; it’s a narrative woven around a love story, a homage to a beautiful Ghanaian woman who rightfully deserves all the finer things life has to offer. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of romance, passion, and the celebration of love’s splendor.

As Biqskil continues to carve his niche in the music industry, “Stay” stands as a testament to his commitment to delivering quality and meaningful content. The collaboration with Skrewfaze adds a layer of nostalgia for fans familiar with the Ghanaian music scene, creating a bridge between the rich musical traditions of the past and the dynamic sounds of the present.

Listeners can expect a journey through rhythms that resonate with both Afrobeat and Hip-Hop influences, showcasing Biqskil’s versatility and ability to seamlessly blend genres. “Stay” not only highlights the artist’s growth but also serves as a testament to the vibrant and ever-evolving landscape of Afrobeat and Hip-Hop music.

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In essence, Biqskil’s “Stay” is more than just a banger – it’s a musical voyage, a celebration of love, and a testament to the cultural richness embedded in the artist’s Ghanaian roots. As we immerse ourselves in the sonic tapestry of “Stay,” it’s evident that Biqskil is poised to make a lasting impact on the global music stage.



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