May 24, 2024

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Video of Ghanaians reportedly stranded in Gaza, Hon Woyome calls on gov’t to act immediately

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Video of Ghanaians stranded in Gaza, Hon Woyome calls on gov’t to act immediately

A video of Ghanaians stranded has hit social media days after Palestine invaded Israel.

A video circulating indicates that some Ghanaians are trapped this evening where they don’t know where to go with their luggage almost burnt according to the voices we can hear.

Hon Kobena Mensah Woyome, MP for South Tongu in a short conversation with “Harrygraphic Live”(Volta Blogger of the year 2023) appealed to the government to react and investigate the video to see how factual it is.

“From the video,it will be important the Government of Ghana acts fast to establish whether or not the content is right and if it’s authenticity is established, what steps are being taken to rescue our brothers and sisters caught up in Gaza. May God intervene if video is authenticated”, he concluded.

Earlier today a list of countries affected by the bombing came out with Ghana not recording any casualties. But new development proves different.

Foreign citizens killed/missing in Israel:

🇺🇸 USA – 9 dead
🇨🇦 Canada – 1 dead, 2 missing
🇬🇧 Great Britain – more than 10 dead or missing
🇫🇷 France – one dead, several missing
🇹🇭 Thailand – 12 dead, 11 missing
🇳🇵 Nepal – 10 dead
🇩🇪 Germany – number of unconfirmed/missing deaths
🇷🇺 Russia – 1 dead
🇰🇭 Cambodia – one dead
🇨🇳 China – number of deaths/casualties not confirmed
🇧🇷 Brazil – 3 injured
🇵🇾 Paraguay – 2 dead/missing
🇺🇦 Ukraine – 2 dead
🇲🇽 Mexico – 2 prisoners
🇮🇪 Ireland – 1 injured
🇹🇿Tanzania – 2 injured

Watch the video below:




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