June 16, 2024

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VIDEO: Jessy Degreat decorates Ewe Rapper Dimormi in new song “AZUI”

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Jessy Degreat directly attack Ewe Rapper Dimormi in his latest release titled #AZUI.

The content of the song, with its nice instrumentation have left fans overwhelmed and bring memories of Dimormi’s old freestyle. Jessy’s lyrical prowess in this song still emphasizes why he is the most feared rapper in the Volta region.

After announcing his rebrand with “BARS” freestyle, the rapper has touch the tail of another good rapper Dimormi.

“Azui Mede sukuo, gake azui s3 pidgin”. – Dimormi some 14 years ago made a freestyle and said “Nye me d3 sukuo gake messe pidgin”. That song became one of his best r on Bradez “Simple” instrumental in the region.

Jessy narrates Dimormi’s absence in the music scene some years back. The lyrics talk about how Dimormi is trying hard to re-establish himself as an artist after stopping to go and make money. Jessy and Dimormi nearly involved in a lyrical battle last year but wasn’t serious.

Are we going to see one of the best beefs in the region or Dimormi will concede defeat and not reply?

Watch video below:


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