July 19, 2024

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UPDATE: DNA test reportedly confirms Mohbad is the father of his son

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According to OGB Recent, a friend of the late Mohbad, DNA test has been conducted on the child, Liam, confirming that Mohbad is indeed the father.


There was a recent circulation that the child wasn’t for Mohbad but rather Sam Larry. This new test has proven otherwise as reports indicates the child belong to Mohbad.


“ I see Mohbad’s son as mine “ Bella Shrmuda

“Mohbad was a brother from a different mother , we were not just friends but brothers . I made a promise to myself , his son will never suffer as long as I’m alive . “

While talking at the candle light program
For Mohbad in Canada , Bella made it clear that Mohbad’s son will never suffer . He sis him as his son .

In this life , make sure you have great friends , be real to them too so they can be real with you, added Bella.

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