July 13, 2024

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UK connection man falls sick after he was cursed by an “Ewe” client he scammed

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The connection man who has been taking money from people in the name of I will take you abroad received the saddest news of his life after this victim decided to take him on spiritually.

Charles Darlington, a Ghanaian Connection man residing in the UK, is reportedly in critical condition, facing the consequences of a curse cast upon him by a client he allegedly defrauded with promises of UK visa sponsorship. The account of this distressing episode was shared by Captain Caesar, a UK-based Ghanaian TikToker.

Captain Caesar elaborated on the circumstances, stating that Charles Darlington is currently bedridden, suffering the consequences of his deceitful acts in connection to UK work visa sponsorships.

Additionally, it was disclosed that Charles Darlington had been luring unsuspecting individuals in Ghana with false promises of providing them with dependent visas and home care visas.

Unfortunately for him, it appears that one of his victims, an Ewe individual, cast a curse upon him, which has left him bedridden and deteriorating.

Despite medical efforts, his condition remains unimproved. Moreover, his wife has reportedly distanced herself from the situation, having relocated to a different residence, citing an inability to cope with her husband’s ailing state.

At present, the only proposed option is to bring Charles Darlington back to Ghana for medical treatment.

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