July 13, 2024

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Trouble as DNA proves man is not the biological father to four(4) of his five kids

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A woman has taken to social media to narrate the heartbreaking tale of how a man just discovered that he’s not the biological father of four out of his five children.

The unnamed man and his wife have been married for a while now, with their eldest child being 17 years old. He had worked hard to provide for them and had been actively involved in their lives. However, things started to unravel during the family’s recent visit to the hospital.

An incident at the hospital when one of them was sick prompted him to carry out a DNA test on the children without his wife’s knowledge.


It was gathered that one of the five children was severely ill and needed a blood transfusion, and it was to his shock when doctors told him his blood didn’t match the child’s.

Worried, he decided to speak to the doctor, who advised him to do a DNA test for the child to ascertain the paternity.

The man then decided to do the paternity test for all five of his children, and the results were shocking. Four of his five children, including his 17-year-old daughter, are not his biological offspring.

The woman who narrated the story in a video she posted on TikTok said the man was devastated, feeling betrayed and hurt by the woman he had loved and trusted for so many years.

It turned out that only the last child, who’s 7 months old, is his child.

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