April 15, 2024

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Six(6)-Year-Old Boy’s Body And Coffin Mysteriously Vanish Days After Burial

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Six(6)-Year-Old Boy’s Body And Coffin Mysteriously Vanish Days After Burial

A Chigodora family finds themselves entangled in a perplexing case after discreetly reburial of their six-year-old child’s empty coffin, following the grave, coffin, and body vandalisation.

Shockingly, three years have passed, yet the whereabouts of the child’s corpse, which was dug up shortly after burial, remains shrouded in mystery.

Recently, members of the Mureyani family were summoned to Headman Chigodora’s court to account for their failure to inform the local traditional leadership about the grave desecration.

The case has now been escalated to Acting Chief Zimunya’s court, where it is set to be heard on August 6.

Unveiling The Events

According to Derrick Mureyani, a member of the family, the eerie discovery came to light when his aunt stumbled upon the tampered grave.

The coffin had been removed merely days after the child’s burial. Despite conducting a thorough search and reporting the incident to the police, the child’s body remains missing to this day.

The plot thickens as a child’s coffin resembling the one buried was found in the house of a mentally-challenged villager.

Although the villager was apprehended and evaluated, the child’s body remains elusive. Inside the coffin, investigators discovered the shroud and clothes that were intended to accompany the child in eternal rest. Derrick Mureyani said:

My aunt was walking past the grave when she discovered that it had been tampered with. The grave had been dug and the coffin removed.

This happened a few days after the child’s burial. We told our elders, and we conducted a search but found nothing.

However, days later, someone saw a child’s coffin inside the house of a villager who is mentally challenged. The coffin looked like the one that we had buried the child in.

Police were alerted and the villager was arrested. He was taken to the psychiatric unit where he was evaluated and was released recently.

However, the body is yet to be found up to this day.

Headman Chigodora accused the Mureyani family of conducting rituals at the cemetery without informing the traditional leadership, potentially leading to the child’s spirit haunting the area.

He said:

As far as I am concerned, that child’s spirit is roaming around this area because the body is yet to be found. This is probably why your family is suffering from mysterious illnesses.

You had no right to visit the cemetery and perform your rituals without notifying the local leadership.

You reburied the empty coffin on your own without informing anyone. This shows that you were trying to cover up something.

Since you do not want to tell this court why you never reported this matter, it is proper for me to transfer the matter to Chief Zimunya’s court.

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