July 13, 2024

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Rapper Nhoj Sends Message To Sierra Leon and Africa In Debut Single “SO SOON” In The Midst Of Coup

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Rapper Nhoj Sends Message To Sierra Leon and Africa In Debut Single “SO SOON” In The Midst Of Coup

Talented rapper John Conteh, musically known as, Nhoj was born on th 1st of june 1990 in freetown, Sierra leone as a a chrismus of spirituality. He is a holder of diploma in intercultural mediation.

He works as an interpreter at a territorial commission in italy. Nhoj is a very open-minded person who looks through a monster to see the real monster standing behind. In may 2023, he came into the music world unprepared to stay. His debut song, “SO SOON” is considered by many a masterpiece thanks to the message, concept, and lyricism it carries . It is the first song that hit my soul, but the scars it left have become my psychologist, comforter, and second life. He is a high hope hustler who always shoot for the moon because he knows if he miss, he will hit the stars.

The feedback from his debut song are the reasons he want to dedicate a great portion of his remaining life to speak out the silent that could unlock the positive change africa has been longing for. So soon! (e too quick) in krio is the most spoken language in sierra leone which means a surprisingly short time and it’s the title given the song.

” Why have we forgotten so
soon” is the question used by the
rapper as a basement upon
which he constructed a strong
message reminding
Sierra Leone o f the importance of
peace. By throwing light at the
11 years of civil that left the
country bleeding scars.
Sierra leone has faced series of
violent protests, the left tens of
both law enforcement personnel
and civilians death .

Nhoj believes that the manner at
which Sierra Leone violently
take to the street to express their
discontent, projects the absence
of the devastating brutal image
of the 11 years of civil war in the
mental archive of the people.

The rapper bets on the road to a
less violent and more or insecure
Sierra Leone is built on the
strategy of rebuilding the brutal
mental imagery of the war.

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