May 19, 2024

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Police reportedly assault Ledzokuku NPP constituency secretary – Eye witness account

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On 8th October, 2023, around 4:20 pm, the unfortunate happened at the premises of the Electoral Commission District Office in Ledzokuku. The Ghana Police Service displayed an act of disservice towards potential eligible voters who were in to perform their civic responsibility to transfer their Voter franchise to Ledzokuku Constituency.

As stated earlier, as about 4:20 pm where there were about 60 residents of the constituency present at the Electoral Commission’s premises to transfer their Voter franchise in a constitutionally mandated manner, police officers present at the office of the EC together with alleged people who happen to be executives of NDC in the constituency, locked up the gates to prevent these people who had reached the premises before 5pm from taking part in the excercise.

This was because, the alleged constituency Executives of the NDC present at the venue had picked an Intelligence that, almost all the 60 people who had arrived from their various destinations to transfer their vote to Ledzokuku were people who belong to the NPP in the constituency.

Upon seeing this unlawful attempt from the police and the NDC Executives who locked up the gates as at 4:20 pm to deny the constituents their right, the constituency secretary of the NPP tried to seek audience and explanation from the police officers and EC director in a very calm manner.

The police officers swiftly opposed him vehemently, by assaulting him physically. They didn’t give him the audience and explanation to why they locked up the place to prevent the people from taking part in the exercise which was lawfully mandated. This led to a heated scuffle between the supporters of the NDC and NPP present at the venue.

The police officers unlawfully arrested the constituency secretary of the NPP, after they had physically assaulted him. Till now, the police officers who assaulted Mr. Wisdom Donkor (Constituency Secretary of NPP, Ledzokuku) are yet to be identified by the police after a report was made to the Teshie Police Station. Also the police officers who unlawfully locked up the gates of the electoral commission to deny residents their constitutional rights are also yet to be called out by the GPS.

The Ledzokuku constituency Executives of the NPP together with their members have given the Ghana Police Service in Teshie an ultimatum to take action on the police officers who assaulted their secretary, together with all police officers on duty at the EC office during the period this unlawful incidence took place.

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