July 13, 2024

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Pepper Spray and Fake Ballot Papers Taint Student Elections – Election Scandal Rocks AAMUSTED, Kumasi Campus

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Akenten Appiah-Menka University of Skills Training and Entrepreneurial Development (AAMUSTED) – Kumasi formerly University of Education winner, Kumasi Campus, On Monday, 15th August 2023, held their SRC and LNUGs election. The University is reeling from a shocking election scandal that has thrown the student community into turmoil. Allegations of election malpractice involving both violence and fraud have come to light, casting a shadow over the integrity of the student elections.

Eye Witnesses described scenes of panic and confusion as voters and bystanders were caught in the crossfire, resulting in injuries and disrupted voting proceedings of the LOCAL NUGS WOMEN COMMISSIONER portfolio.

In a parallel revelation, the electoral officials with the help of the security uncovered fake ballot papers surreptitiously placed into ballot boxes in favor of Owusu Josephine, further deepening the crisis. This discovery has raised serious questions about the integrity of the electoral process, leaving students concerned that their votes may not have been accurately counted. They also asked whether these are the kind of leadership our university is grooming for Mother Ghana.

Experts and observers have expressed concerns that these incidents were not isolated but potentially orchestrated attempts to disrupt the election process and manipulate results. The combination of violence and fraudulent activity has shaken the foundations of the AAMUSTED democracy, prompting urgent calls for a thorough investigation.

The democratic process in AAMUSTED has been marred by allegations of severe election malpractice, involving both violence and fraud. Reports of the use of pepper spray and the discovery of fake ballot papers dropped into ballot boxes have left students and some candidates shocked and questioning the fairness of the electoral system. The incidents not only tarnish the reputation of the electoral process but also risk undermining the overall stability of the city.

Both major candidates in the election have denounced the violence and fraud, with each accusing the other of wrongdoing. Their responses have done little to quell the public’s frustration and anxiety, with students demanding a resolution that ensures the sanctity of their votes.

Outraged students have taken to social media platforms and public demonstrations to voice their discontent and demand transparency. Many are calling for a comprehensive investigation that would shed light on the extent of the malpractice and hold those responsible accountable for their actions.

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