May 24, 2024

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Lady who cheated on her husband unluckily gets pregnant outside the marriage

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A middle-aged Ghanaian woman, who chooses for her identity to remain unknown, has revealed how frustrated she has been after aborting a child she conceived outside her marriage.

According to her, her husband with whom she has two children was battling an illness that required him to travel to the village for treatment.

“While away, I had already decided that I was done with the marriage so I started having an affair with another man and was only waiting for my husband to recover so I break the news to him. I eventually got pregnant for the other man,” she disclosed.

In an interview on Happy FM, she said: “About a month into the pregnancy, my husband recovered and came back home and we spoke. I realized I still loved him so I decided to abort the other man’s baby.”

She mentioned that the man in question also agreed for them to abort the child as he was not ready to take responsibility for the child.

“Fortunately for me, I explained everything to my husband and together with the man in question, apologized for our acts and our intentions to abort the baby which he agreed to.”

She stated that she does not have any peace of mind because of the abortion. “It’s always haunting me and I still can’t forgive myself. I’ve realized that I should have kept the baby. I really need help,” she lamented.

She pleaded with Ghanaians to come to her aid as she is confused and does not know what to do.

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