July 19, 2024

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It’s about time these entities pay up for the songs they use – MUSIGA

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In his quest to protect musicians, Rev. Dr Thomas Yawson is urging the Attorney General’s Department to take legal action against media houses that exploit musicians’ works without proper compensation. It’s about time these entities pay up for the songs they use! This move will ensure that musicians receive the recognition and financial support they deserve. 🎶💰

But that’s not all! MUSIGA has some exciting plans in the works. They’re creating a platform to bring together sellers of music on pen drives and register them. This will allow the Union to monitor their operations and ensure that a fair share of the proceeds goes to deserving musicians. It’s a win-win situation that supports both established artists and emerging talents.

Rev. Yawson also emphasizes the importance of musicians staying informed about the ever-evolving trends in the music industry. And he’s absolutely right! By keeping up with the latest developments, artists can adapt to the changing landscape and seize new opportunities. Continuous learning and training are key to thriving in the music world.

These initiatives are a breath of fresh air for the Ghanaian music industry. They’re paving the way for a fair and sustainable environment where musicians can flourish. Let’s hope that more positive changes are on the horizon, and that these efforts lead to a brighter future for all musicians in Ghana.

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