July 13, 2024

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I will share condoms at my upcoming event – Nacee

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Ghanaian gospel artist Nacee has announced that condoms will be distributed at his upcoming Kavod concert on November 26, sponsored by Total Family Health Organisation, producer of Ebony Condoms.

This decision has raised questions about the appropriateness of promoting contraceptives at a gospel event. Nacee defended the choice, stating that having such sponsors helps generate profits, allowing individuals to contribute through tithes to support the church’s agenda.

Nacee emphasized the necessity of financial support in advancing the Kingdom of God, asserting that regardless of one’s business, God accepts their tithes. He highlighted the importance of money in acquiring resources such as Bibles. The Kavod Concert 2023 marks Nacee’s inaugural gospel music event, and he explained that the chosen name, Kavod, meaning ‘The terrifying glory of God,’ was selected to reflect God’s attributes.

The concert, set to take place at the National Theatre, combines music and drama, featuring comedians like Clemento Suarez and Foster Romanus, alongside other gospel musicians. Nacee’s perspective on sponsorship reflects a pragmatic approach to funding religious initiatives, emphasizing the role of financial support in spreading the message of the Kingdom of God.

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