June 16, 2024

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“I returned his proposal ring through DHL” – Yvonne Nelson on failed marriage

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According to Yvonne Nelson, she accepted a marriage proposal from someone even though she wasn’t in love with him. Yvonne narrated she was hoping things will get better between them.

On her birthday, she was stunned the man proposed marriage which she accepted since she doesn’t want to disgrace the man.

Check full details below;

“On that fateful night, we had a romantic dinner after a boat ride earlier in the day. When I opened the dessert bowl after the dinner, some vapour-like cloud hovered briefly over the plate before clearing to expose the ring. He proposed to me with his mother’s ring. That’s how seriously he took it. It meant so much to him and nothing to me. My preoccupation was how to not ruin his night.

“Will you marry me?” he asked.
I nodded.

A witness to that romantic proposal in Venice might include in his or her narrative that the bride-to-be was too overwhelmed with emotions to speak, so she nodded. Of course, as a woman whose claim to fame was acting, adding colour to the scene came to me as second nature. It had to look good for the cameras and to the eyes that might have been envying me, instead of pitying him. After the proposal and my birthday, we flew back to London, and when I was still weighing my options, he made things easier. His attitude provided a parachute for me to jump out and land safely before the plane of our relationship got into complicated altitudes.

This man always wanted us to eat out, and whenever he was going to work, he preferred that I held on to the irresistible demands of my hunger pangs until he returned. I remember he once left two fingers of banana as what I should eat so that we go out after about 3 p.m. when he returned. This was not the treatment someone like me who worshipped food would tolerate. After the proposal, while I was deciding how to execute my plan after my return to Ghana, he pushed the nuclear code too early.

A female friend had visited me while he was away at work. Esi and I were in the house when he returned. He was rude to her, taking the television remote disapprovingly from her and changing the channel. When Esi failed to get his memo, he called me aside and gave what sounded like a stern instruction. He had expected Esi to leave as soon as he entered the house. His unwholesome attitude had failed to get Esi out so he wanted me to tell her to leave right away.

I left with Esi and returned his ring to him through DHL.”


Was she right to accept the ring?

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