July 19, 2024

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I protected myself against other men – Yvonne Nelson recounts s3xual encounter with Sarkodie

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The main talking point from Yvonne Nelson’s book “I AM NOT YVONNE NELSON”  is her abortion for Africa’s best rapper Sarkodie in 2010.

She narrated that she was careful when having affair with men but she lost guard when it reached Sarkodie’s turn.

“I was 25, and he was 22. I won’t say I was too young to know how to protect myself, but I think I was naïve. I was still that tomboy transitioning to womanhood and knew very little about the most important things about women. I knew nothing about safe periods and ovulation and the complexities of the monthly. I grew up with my mother but “vagina” and “penis” were like taboo words in our house. The closest she had come to giving me sex education was when she once forcibly opened my legs to inspect my hymen. After that, she warned me that if I broke my virginity, she would grind pepper and ginger and insert it down there.

That was in my teen years. I was now much older and more independent, but I still knew next to nothing about my reproductive system and its cycle. I knew, at that age, that I could get pregnant. I tried to abstain as much as possible, and when it had to happen, I protected myself. But I lost my guard with Sarkodie and had to pay dearly.

I called him on the phone and said we needed to talk. He still lived with his mother and this was not the kind of news to break in the house. I called him out of the house when I got to Tema, and we sat in my Toyota Rav4. (He drove a Toyota Matrix at the time if my memory serves me right)”

From the above, Sarkodie’s girlfriend was not in Ghana.

-Yvonne Nelson also said she protected herself against other men but lost her guard against Sarkodie, which means there were other guys along with Sark. Per this analysis, how sure was she that it was only Sark who was knacking her?

Could Sarkodie might have known that there were other guys in line hence he wasn’t sure it was his pregnancy so the best was to terminate it.

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