June 16, 2024

The Eye Of Africa

Hospital forced to shutdown as ghost reportedly r@pes nurses on duty

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A Zimbabwean hospital is been shut down after nurses and authorities reported cases of rape perpetrated by alleged ghost.

The mysterious occurrence took place at the Shale Clinic. The invisible creatures which are allegedly wreaking havoc at a nearby primary school where they are reportedly sexually molesting teachers.

Teachers have also threatened to join the nurses in desertation of duty if nothing is done about the situation.

“The clinic is closed because two female nurses and a male health technician ran away after complaining that they were being sexually abused”, reports indicated.

At an emergency meeting convened by the villagers, it was agreed that prophets or traditional leaders will be hired. The villagers who suspect tikoloshes of being behind the reign of terror, also resolved to banish the owner of the tikoloshes once they are unmasked.

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