June 16, 2024

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Gospel events should be free – Rev.Abraham Lamptey

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Rev. Abraham Lamptey, the General Overseer of Believers House of Worship International, believes that it’s inappropriate for patrons to pay to attend worship events. He expressed this view during the launch of his annual event, Art of Worship, stating that encounters with God should not come with a price tag, regardless of the featured artist.

He emphasized that these events are not meant to be avenues for making money and that admission should be free for all attendees. Rev. Lamptey acknowledged that while others may choose to charge fees for similar events, he firmly stands against it, emphasizing the sacred nature of encounters with God.

In his 16 years of organizing Art of Worship, he has consistently offered the event for free, underscoring his conviction that spiritual experiences should not be monetized. His comments are likely to stir up discussions within the gospel music community, especially when many have been lamenting the lack of sponsorship for their events.

Rev. Lamptey’s perspective challenges the prevailing trend and raises questions about the balance between spiritual pursuits and financial considerations in organizing worship gatherings. It prompts a crucial conversation about the purpose and nature of such events, encouraging reflection on whether introducing fees aligns with the spiritual goals of these gatherings. The ongoing debate may lead to a reevaluation of practices within the gospel music community, considering the complex interplay between spirituality, financial needs, and the broader dynamics of organizing religious events.

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