May 19, 2024

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“From 400 to 40: Cecilia Marfo’s Church Members Decline “

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Ghanian Gospel singer Cecilia Marfo shared that her church’s membership has significantly decreased. It used to have over 400 members, but now it only has 40.

She believes this drop in members is due to public criticisms and issues involving Assin Central Member of Parliament Kennedy Agyapong and fellow gospel singer Diana Asamoah. These controversies have discouraged people from attending her church.

During an emotional interview on JoyPrime TV, Cecilia Marfo forgave those who caused problems and expressed her belief that God will handle the situation.

In the interview, she mentioned that thinking about the decline in her church’s membership makes her cry and believes that everyone will be answerable to God for their actions.

The interviewer asked if criticism by people like Kennedy Agyapong affected her church. Cecilia Marfo revealed that her church lost many members, going from over 400 to just 40.a

Regarding her relationship with Diana Asamoah, Cecilia Marfo explained that she attended an event hosted by Diana but chose not to criticize. She also mentioned that more people have found faith through her songs than her church members. Despite the challenges, she forgave those who hurt her and hopes that people, especially believers, will be careful about their actions.

Diana Asamoah had previously said Cecilia Marfo was spiritually immature due to her energetic style of ministry and suggested that growth in faith comes with guidance and time.

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