May 19, 2024

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Creative business is serious business- George Quaye

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George Quaye, an actor and playwright, is advocating for a significant change in how Ghana’s creative industry is perceived. He challenges the longstanding notion that the creative space is only for unserious individuals. Speaking at the Graphic Showbiz’s X Dialogue Series on the topic “Is theatre getting relevant attention?,” Quaye, who is also the CEO of Image Bureau, emphasized the need for a conscious effort to alter this perception.

Quaye believes that the creative landscape in Ghana has evolved beyond the outdated stereotype of being a last resort for individuals without serious ambitions. He pointed out that the current state of the industry demands advanced technology and a deep understanding of its dynamics for success. He stressed that, given the changing trends and the crucial role the creative space plays in shaping society, it shouldn’t be marginalized as a realm for the unserious.

Reflecting on the industry’s history, Quaye noted its humble beginnings in oral tradition and concert parties, where it was not considered a serious part of anything. However, he highlighted the positive transformation over time and expressed gratitude to those who recognized the industry’s value. Quaye acknowledged that in the early days, the creative sector seemed like a liability, but now it has gained recognition.

In urging industry players to actively participate in changing the narrative, Quaye emphasized the importance of creating visibility for themselves and the sector. He believes that internal support within the industry is crucial for gaining external recognition. Overall, Quaye’s call for a paradigm shift underscores the maturity and significance of Ghana’s creative space, demanding a new perspective that aligns with its contemporary role in society.

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