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Poem: The Aftermath of Forgiveness


Do you believe
That if you don’t forgive
You’d neither give nor receive
You’d be left alone, locked, lost, crying like a bereaved

Forgiveness is freedom
It’s a key that allows you into God’s kingdom
To let go, not hold a grudge, is not being dumb, it’s wisdom
So that to His presence you would be welcome

Do you know what it feels like for a load to be lifted
Do you know what it feel like to be isolated from someone that is gifted
Someone that’s meant to help you, but you drift far from them instead
Unforgiveness is like just lying there and playing dead, you’re not really dead, but you’re dead

Unforgiveness is like standing on a hose and not letting water flow
Therefore the plant is dry and won’t grow
The farmer doesn’t reap the strength of what he sowed
This therefore causes him sorrow

In a whole farm
If anything goes wrong it causes everyone and everything harm
So is forgiveness; the earth, your relationship with God, and your relationship with your fellow man
God’s kingdom looses a soul, you loose his blessings, you are isolated from people, this is why the bible will always warn