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Sellable or Reasonable Music?

Definitely many will argue that you need to make money out of your music, therefore you should make sellable music. I am not even asking that you pick one, cause truly, your music can be both reasonable and sellable.

These days the only aim is to make “sellable” music.

But, are you enjoying the music you are making?

Is it even interesting?

Is it reasonable?

Is it coordinated?

Does it pass any message?

The answers to this would usually be “my music will not sell in Nigeria”, “my record label won’t let me”, “Nigerians don’t listen to this kind of music”. First of all, how do you know the kind of music everyone in Nigeria listens to?

Yes most times, record labels restrict their artistes. I really wish they would decease from this. Yes they are responsible for the funding and all, but they should allow the artiste be creative and expressive. And yes, stop thinking only Nigeria! Think large, think vast.

The coverage of music can not be controlled. Music can go beyond the confines of Nigeria. So don’t always think “I am making music for Nigerians”. Moreover, you don’t know the entire population’s taste in music.

This isn’t to dispute the need to make music that can sell, but, atleast, they should be reasonable music. I mean, well thought out lyrics, great beat and a good message for the general public.