In The World of Bras

Ever put the perfect outfit together ready to step out but then your bra strap won’t just stay put under that thin sleeved arm? Well, been there, done that.
Ladies, ladies. Breathe in, breathe out cause we’re about to fix a ton of your bra issues.

Firstly, let’s start out by knowing the type of bras, and which bra goes with what outfit. Identifying the appropriate type of bra for your body size and for particular outfits will save you the
‘Sister your bra strap is showing’ or ‘I’m seeing the colour of your bra’ . At some point in our lives we’ve all heard these comments from some very overzealous people. It’s time to save our ears the stress. Don’t bother yourself with learning all the types, I’ll just highlight the few essential ones

1. Push up bras
The name speaks for itself. They give a gentle push to help you achieve that sultry cleavage. They are padded lightly underneath the cups with silicone gel or foam. They can be padded lightly, moderately or extremely.

2. Padded bra
If you don’t own a padded bra, put your phone or whatever device you’re reading this from down, and go get a padded bra. I wish I could scream of how important they are especially for ladies with extra perky and overly sensitive nipples. They prevent your nipples from showing through a fitted outfit, they come in different styles based on neck line plunges, they are super comfortable and can be down right sexy too. I mean…man’s not hot for the bra!

3. Convertible bra
Exactly, that’s what it does. Converts to different styles to suit the style of your outfit. These bras have adjustable straps that can be converted to one strap, two strap, or cross strap.

4. T-shirt bra
This is probably the most commonly owned bra. It’s an everyday lightly padded bra mainly for comfort and preventing your bra line from showing underneath that thinly sheered top.

5. Strapless bra
Yes, there are no straps and no girl, it won’t fall off. This is the perfect bra for off shoulder outfits. NO AND NO! IT WILL FOREVER BE WRONG TO BARE YOUR BRA STRAPS ALONG WITH YOUR SHOULDERS IN AN OUTFIT. Another tacky style people adopt is folding the bra straps into their clothes. Sister, no. This is because other bras don’t come with the firm underwire and band support as strapless bras come with. So please invest in a good strapless bra, and make sure the band fits just right.

6. Bralettes
Becoming more fashionable of recent, these unlined, unpadded and wire free bras can be worn as an inner or outer wear. They can be worn with a pair of jeans during the summer, or styled to taste. They give zero form of support and are more stylish than supporting. So if you’re more into support on your bras, ignore this and move on with me.

7. Balconette bra
This is more on the sexy scale of lingerie. It’s wide set straps form an almost horizontal neckline while giving a gentle lift and rounded appearance to the bust. If you keep having bra issues where your bra straps keep leaning out of your sleeves towards your neckline, invest in a balconette bra.

8. Sports bra
For the love of everything good and decent, set out some amount of money and invest in a quality sports bra. If you’re exercising, especially cardio, sports bras got your back girl! Your girls can’t be bouncing in all cardinal directions just in the name of exercise. Excessive and vigorous bouncing makes the breast prone to sagging as it stresses your pectoral muscles continuously. Sports bra will keep your breasts firm and in place during work outs.

9. Cami-bra
Yes, it’s a camisole plus a bra. So no need looking for a camisole to throw on over your bra because you have excessive cleavage showing. Cami-bra got you covered.

10. No sag bra
The hard truth is, more often than not, a lot of women have sagging breasts. The no sag bra comes with the extra needed lift and support. It’s wide back, thick strap, no stretch fabric and high strength give the required support.

11. Bandeau bra
This bra can be worn easily over the head. It’s an extra comfortable bra for minimum support, as you can wear it to sleep or just stay at home. It is a strapless bra that seems like a semi tube top. Basically, it’s a band of stretchable fabric

12. Plunge bra
For outfits with deep plunged neck line

13. Stick on bras
These bras are for backless (show me your back) outfits. They come with adhesive materials that line the cups and wings of the bra to give needed support along the sides and bust.

14. Maternity bra
With moulded cups and elastic fabrics, these bras are STRICTLY for nursing mothers.

15. Minimizer bra
For most larger bust women that might be uncomfortable about the size of their bust, these bras reduce the appearance of a large bust.

Now that we know the type of bras, want to go shopping for bras yeah? Hold on a bit. Do you know your bra size? 8 out of 10 women are wearing wrongly fitted bras. This can cause discomfort, lack of support, cleavage spilling, strap slipping and so on. So, how do you know your bra size? Stand in front of a mirror, preferably braless or wearing a non padded bra. Measure around the bottom of the band, directly under your bust. Make sure the tape is as fitted as possible, and round up the measurement to the nearest whole number.
Now for the bust measurement, measure at the fullest part of your bust, preferably on nipple level. Now subtract the band measurement from the bust measurement. If the difference is one inch, then you’re an A cup. two inches you’re a B cup, and so on.

Now that you know what type and size of bra to buy I have a few tips to highlight. A lot of us have been doing a lot wrong and all that needs to stop, else we’ll keep ruining our bras and in turn ruining our outfits.

1. Don’t buy bras that fit on the tightest clasp. Bras weaken over time, and you should make it firmer by going an inch in with each clasp. If the bra starts to slack while it’s still on its first clasp, you’ve wasted your own money.

2. Don’t settle for bras with underwires that dig into your breasts

3. When trying a new bra, make sure the band is parallel to the floor and not riding up your back. If it rides up, then the band size is bigger than you.

4. Don’t put your bra in a dryer. Handwash with cold water and gentle detergent.

5. Use the scoop and swoop method when putting on your bra.

6. Make sure to get fitted or measured once a year.

7. Understand that our breast shapes are as unique as our facial features. Not all bras work for all bra types

8. Invest in a Teddy lingerie

9. Don’t wear the same bra two days in a row. As much as it isn’t advisable to wash your bra after every use, wearing the same bra two days in a row will cause it to slack faster. Air or sun dry your bra after every use, before repetition.

10. Do not wear a contrasting colour of bra under thin tops

11. Don’t overuse a bra. If a bra is done, it’s done. Because it’s still your bust size doesn’t mean the band still fits. Excessively slacked bras should be discarded.

12. Don’t be stingy to yourself. Invest in good lingerie. Don’t say “who is looking at my underwear”. Aunty, you’re looking at it. Look good for yourself.

It’s time to turn your bra life around, and I’ll definitely keep you posted on the next No Bra Day.