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Hairstyling & Basic Hair Grooming Techniques

Great day everyone! Am I right?

Before I start, how many of you know the celebrity “Pryse”? One of the dopest female rappers here in Nigeria.

Well, if you do, I think you will agree with me that her hair stylist really deserves a medal cos her hair is super dope! I saw it the other day when I had a chance to meet her one-on-one and I was like, Damn! I need to get this done for myself. After a brief spy-work on her insta-page, I realized the more that her hair stylist is quite exceptional, cos Pryse is one celebrity that I’ve seen that has an exceptional hairstyle.

Well, speaking of hairstyle and hairstyling, who and who thinks that you don’t necessarily need a superstar hairstylist to have an amazing hair?

The fact is that our hair is one special feature in our body that can help us look exceptional and probably stand out. Our hair is a very important factor in our style, whether permed, natural, wigs, braids, or weaves etc. Bad hair could destroy a wonderful outfit, so we should all try our best to make sure our hairstyles suit us. Let us talk a bit about different kinds of hair.

Natural hair: With the trend of natural hair, not everyone knows how to take good care of their natural hair. When you take that decision to transition from permed to natural or if you have always had natural hair, you need to understand that it isn’t the same with the permed hair. Some people always complain about how natural hair is hard to comb and all that, but it’s probably because you don’t take care of it the right way. A few tips for your natural hair;

* Never dry your hair with a towel, a T-shirt would be better to prevent frizz.

* Stay away from shampoos and other hair products that contain alcohol and sulphate, they tend to dry out your hair and strip it of its natural oils.

* Always keep your hair well moisturized

* Stick to protective styles like faux locks and box braids, and always make sure every part of your hair is in the same condition.

* Wash your hair with the tips of your fingers not your nails.

Wigs: If you are going to put on a wig, it is best you make your hair into corn rows, so the wig can be fitted properly. Some girls walk around with wigs not properly laid. If you are going to wear a wig, try to go for something that is within your budget. It must not be human hair, synthetic would work just fine as long as you take good care of it and let it go when it is the right time.

No one is left out in the topic of hairstyle, even the guys. Not every guy should have a flat top or a fade cut. Some guys need to stick to the low cut or NBA look. Find something that suits you, if you are bald, you shouldn’t be trying to grow your hair. You don’t have to do what someone else is doing, try to do something what suits you. Also try to get a good barber, the most difficult thing to do is to change a barber. Get a barber that can give you that sharp, clean cut.

Well, I’ve had friends that, due to the fact that their barbers are not available to give them a cut, they refuse to have a haircut from a different barber with the fear that the new barber cannot have his hair cut like his regular barber does.

Well here are a few tips to getting a nice sharp clean cut from any barber.

Book an Appointment: This is one (1) tip which most may find insignificant but I think it is compulsory if you want to have a perfect haircut. Book an appointment like a day or two (2) with the barber. By doing this, you create an awareness with the barber and this will help him to be better prepared for your coming.

In booking an appointment with your barber/hairstylist, let him know the exact time you are to come to get your hair done.

This really works, TRUST ME!

Arrive at Least an Hour Early for your Appointment: This is another tip that most find insignificant. Most individuals are in a hurry when it comes to getting their hair done, but styling is a slow and steady process, you speed up things and you would get everything wrong.

You ought to arrive at least an hour before the time for your appointment, this will give you time to study how the barber/hairstylist does his work. You can feel whether he is really good at what he does by seeing him work on other client’s hair, and this will give you a clue on whether to stick around or saddle up and leave.

Let the Stylist/Barber Know the Exact Hairstyle you want: Most don’t know the importance of that little picture banner kinda design placed at the front of every barbing saloon. They are meant for you to show the stylist/barber the specific hairstyle to give you.

Another option is that it is always advisable that, for every haircut you have that looks really pleasing to you, you take a picture of that hairstyle to show the next stylist you are about to get your hair done with to make things really easy for the both parties.

So guys, the next time you get a bad haircut from a stylist/barber, don’t go accusing him wrongly, you may be the one at fault.

Well, I hope you’ve gained one or two things from this discussion, now we would love to hear from you guys, what do you feel about hairstyling and what kinda hairstyles that look great for you! Courtesy of @instyleseries_ng