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I had eaten an apple,

On the 24th of July

Not knowing I was preparing to see my nakedness.

I had fallen  three times,

Not knowing I was preparing to see my house fall.

I had taken pictures and had a wonderful time,

Not knowing a sad time was coming.


I drank green tea alone,

Not knowing I was preparing to get used to it.

It was an accident and there was hope.

Not until midnight, I felt alone and cold

My tears flowed.

At the break of dawn, I knelt to pray,

Not knowing it was a prayer too late.


What we feared has happened!

A sentence that shook me

It brought out the coldest of tears.

Tears without volume,

And a blank feeling of awareness

Yet, unaware and hurt.


I had eaten an apple,

Not knowing it would open my eyes to a new world

A world of pain, struggle and survival

I looked at God and said why me?

But then, whom should it be?


Pum! It was a gunshot

My head had been cut off,

The pillar of my house broken,

In the blink of an eye

Anebom had left me!

Declaring death a winner,

On the 24th of July.

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