30 Tips for Getting Past Writer’s Block

We’ve all been there. The days or weeks you spend stuck on a book, poem or script. The ideas are not just forth coming. Gathering your thoughts is almost impossible and for a brief moment you actually start to doubt if you’re a writer. Well, it can’t be avoided. As a writer, there are times when you will get stuck.

Now we can’t really proffer solutions if we don’t know what we’re dealing with. Don’t shy away from your block, or see it as a curse. Embrace it and maximize it. Just as our writing styles are different, so are our reasons for encountering writer’s block. But there are some general causes. These are;

Fear: Fear of criticism, fear of failure, fear of the magnitude of ideas you carry.

Love for perfection: As humans we strive for the best at everything. The wrong move is letting this drive for perfection slip into our writing and losing sense of the fact that writing depends solely on creativity and that every writer has a unique style of writing. We want our ideas to be perfect in our heads before we even start penning anything down.

Timing: Simple. There is never the right time to do anything

Now as for getting past this? Firstly, let’s understand that this is not science. There is no quadratic equation or quick fix to it. There are a lot of different ways to get past it. I’ll highlight the few that have worked out for me.

Stop complaining about it

Subtract distractions, so that all you do is focus on your writing

Go for a walk

Play. Either it’s games or anything, just play.

Switch up locations. Basically, try a different environment. Somewhere that brings out the creativity of the writer in you.

Exercise. Do something to get your blood pumping. It helps the mind. Try dance.

Listen to music

Read a book

Spend time with the ones you love

Jot down all your ideas in bullet points. Crazy or sane.

Don’t wait till you feel ‘inspired’ start writing now.

Get over yourself and call it quits on the pity party.

Watch TV. Movies to be precise.

Write for the joy of writing. Not because you have to, but because you can. Because you’re a writer.

Chat up a fellow writer

Write early in the morning. Your brain is still in theta mood. It’s the best time to write.

Write while you sleep. Yes, there is a writer that exists somewhere in your subconscious. Listen to that writer, take a mental note of all his ideas and preserve them.

Try free writing. This is writing off your original course. It doesn’t have to be streamlined with your normal style of writing. It might be crazy, probably off the chart. If you’re a poet, try writing a script, or maybe an article. The possibilities are endless.

Remember why you started writing. You might want to go back to read some of your old articles or maybe your first write up. It stirs up your feelings of creativity.

Talk to yourself or better still, an imaginary friend. And no, you’re not crazy.

Writing is emotion. So let the feelings flow. If you have to scream or curse or cry, let it out. But don’t pity yourself.

If you’ve been writing on your laptop, try pen and paper. Vice versa too. Increase your font or add colour, changes bring a spark to the mind.

Stop planning your posts. Either it’s restriction by schedule or topic, stop. Just go with the flow.

Go to a book store. Indulge yourself.

Take a relaxing bath

Go through your photo album or old pictures

Stop worrying about grammar corrections

Browse through social media

Write from a different perspective. Start from the middle or end of the story.

Listen to the rain

And finally, be a misfit. Delete society’s standards of normalcy and write like you were born to be a rebel!