Poetry & Stories

OUR LOST SONS Children of our womb
Infants in a stone cold tomb
Memories of wasted talents
Images in dirty garments
Young souls gone to the grave beyond
Bubbling with life their dead voices resound
Children of one earth
Sons of our birth

Dance oh earth to the tunes of their funeral
Come from all ages urban and rural
Slap the earth and pound the ground
And let their voices in one resound
Rent your clothes and pull your hair
Grind your teeth in constant dare
Yes, dare mother nature, dare earth
Dare he who took them away, dare death

Put away your sticks and braces
Strip yourselves of your wrappers and laces
Let the forces of nature
And all forms of creature
Let the heavens and the earth
And even in our lungs the tiny breath
Let the oceans and the mountains loose calm
And let us mourn with one voice on earth’s palm

Let us weep, for our laughter was stolen from us
Raise your voices and wail, for joy has departed from us
Our breasts are heavy with their milk
Our babies used to suckle, we even adorned them in silk
We have been robbed of our reason to live
We have no future, nothing to believe
Like the day to night transformation
We went from being mothers to creatures with abundant frustration

Let our throats know no water and our lips know no food
Let our eyes know no sleep and our lives know no good
If we cease to curse
For those we did nurse
If we cease to attack with all our might
The enriched grave that took them from our sight
Let us weep and dance like never before
For our sons who used to be are now no more